Current fees are listed below for the following services provided at Thrive Wellness:

Fees may be paid by cash, credit card or EFT.

Our practitioners are registered with Private Health Funds (PHF). Eligible clients who have extras cover for the service they’re receiving will be able claim rebates through their PHF. We offer HICAPS for Clinical Psychology and Exercise Physiology services for on-the-spot claiming. Unfortunately, HICAPS does not allow for Bowen Therapy and Nutrition services to be processed at time of payment – as such, you will need to pay for your session on the day, keep your invoice receipt and submit to your PHF for your rebate.
If you are uncertain if your extras covers you for our services, please contact your PHF and ask.

For services for which Medicare rebates apply, those rebates can be processed on-the-spot, provided you have an eligible GP referral and present your Medicare card. If paying by credit card the Medicare rebate will have to go to a savings or cheque account (which does not have to be linked to the credit card account).

Clinical Psychology and Exercise Physiology services are also accessible to Department of Veteran Affairs Silver or Gold card holders with eligible GP referral.

Most of our services are offered face-to-face at our rooms in Toowoomba. However, Clinical Psychology and Short Review consultations for Exercise Physiology, Nutrition or Integrative Health Consultations are available remotely via Skype. Out of office visits in the Toowoomba region are available for Exercise Physiology services.

Please note that current Medicare rules do not allow rebates to be offered for Skype appointments.


Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology services usually involve an out-of-pocket gap, as outlined in the table below. A bulk billing option is available, for Clinical Psychology services only, to access treatment without any out-of-pocket expenses.

Individual services

Service Fee Medicare rebate Out-of-pocket
Therapy consultation (50 minutes) $180.00 $124.50 $55.50
Remote consultation (Skype; 50 minutes) $180.00 $124.50*conditions apply $55.50
Therapy consultation (bulk billed) $124.50 $124.50 $0.00*conditions apply
Clinical supervision (60 minutes) $140.00 N/A $140.00

Access to remote consultations

From the first of November 2017, Medicare now allows up to 7 of 10 appointments per year to be delivered via video technologies such as skype. The following conditions apply:

  • an initial appointment is provided face-to-face;
  • the person receiving the service must be living in a region classified as rural, remote or very remote (i.e., your living address is classified as MMM 4, 5, 6 or 7 on this map);
  • the psychologist providing the service must be at least 15km from the recipient of the service.

Access to bulk billing

At Thrive Wellness we believe mental health treatment should be accessible to everybody. Bulk billing of Psychology appointments is offered to all individuals under 18 years of age who have a valid referral and Mental Health Care Plan completed by their GP.

Bulk-billing of fees can also be requested in any case where standard fees would be an obstacle to treatment. If you require bulk billing to access treatment, you can email thriveadmin@thrivewellness.com.au to arrange this before making a booking, or discuss in person at your initial appointment.

Integrative Health Consultations

Our Integrative Health Consultations focus on the whole person, acknowledging the relationship between clinical presentation and the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and overall health of the individual. An individualised treatment program that best matches the client’s unique needs, is formulated and delivered in an informed, respectful and safe manner. Treatment programs combine evidence-based complementary and conventional conservative therapies to provide a bespoke consultation aimed at improving treatment outcomes, recovery and well-being. Some of the therapies used within these integrated sessions may include hands-on remedial therapy (bowen therapy), tailored exercise prescription, nutrition advice and/or prescription, health education and counselling.

Individual services

Service Fee Medicare rebate Out-of-pocket
Initial consultation (up to 80 minutes) $140.00 N/A** $140.00 ($87.05**)
Standard consultation (up to 50 minutes) $88.00 N/A** $88.00 ($35.05**)
Extended consultation (up to 80 minutes) $140.00 N/A** $140.00 ($87.05**)
Short Review consultation (25 minutes) $52.95 N/A** $52.95 ($0**)

*Private Health Fund rebates available to eligible individuals.
**Medicare rebates of $52.95 per session may be available with eligible GP referral for Exercise Physiology services – only where Exercise Physiology services are clinically indicated, and meet Medicare requirements and duration of treatment times during the consultation. Clients who receive a medicare rebate will have a report sent to their GP after their first and last appointments.

Bowen Therapy

Integrative Health Consultations can be tailored to a Bowen Therapy only consultation on request. As most clients have a multi-symptom history (for example, chronic pain, digestion, sleep disturbances, toileting, musculoskeletal or other complaints), we recommend an 80 minute initial appointment to allow for a comprehensive initial assessment, interview & delivery of a best practice treatment plan at your first visit. If you do not feel this is needed and you are in good health aside from the primary reason you’re seeking treatment, you may ask our receptionist to book you in for a Standard Consultation for your first visit.

For fees, please refer to the Integrative Health Consultations fee schedule above.

Bowen Therapy – Special fees for Babies & Children

Babies under 12 months, $10 per visit (appointment often only takes 10 minutes – feel free to book ahead or just ‘pop in’ when you’re in town as I may have a ‘gap’ free just for you & bubs!)
Children aged 1-12 years, $88 at initial consultation, with up to 2 follow up sessions included for free, within 2 months of initial appointment.

Bowen Therapy – Special fees for fertility/conception protocol

Both partners need to commit to a 50 minute consultation each, followed by <20 minute, weekly sessions each for up to 5 – 7 weeks.
Follow-up appointments are booked at the first consultation and the fee paid is either paid in full after the first visit, or in two instalments of 50% due after the first consultation and the 3rd visit.

The 6 – 8 week treatment protocol covers both partners and costs $510.
If the couple is able to attend the same appointment times as each other (our therapist can see you at the same time, in adjoining treatment rooms), the fee is reduced to $360.


Nutrition Consultations

Integrative Health Consultations can be tailored to a Nutrition only consultation on request. Services can be offered face-to-face or via Skype. Please refer to fee schedule for Integrative Health Consultations above.


Exercise Physiology

Individual services

Service Fee Medicare rebate Out-of-pocket
Initial consultation (60 minutes) – includes summary report, where required $140.00 52.95 $87.05
Home visit/ out-of-rooms consultation (45 minutes) – includes summary report, where required $140.00 N/A $140.00
Review consultation (20 minutes) $52.95 52.95 $0.00
Extended Review Consultation (45 minutes) $105.00 52.95 $52.05


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