Thrive Wellness provides confidential, professional, client-focused, evidence-based psychological, exercise and clinical nutrition services to individuals and families aimed at optimising mental health and wellbeing. We work with clients of all ages, across a variety of referral pathways, and provide services for a broad range of issues.

Therapy can be provided in-rooms or via telehealth (online video or telephone). Where appropriate, Walk and Talk therapy sessions can be provided in the beautiful parklands that neighbour our practice.

Our psychologists have experience treating:


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Trauma and PTSD

Borderline Personality Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder

Learning Difficulties

Autism Spectrum Disorders & ADHD

Eating Disorders

Stress and Work / School Challenges



Alcohol Dependence

Grief and loss

Anger Management

Domestic and Family Violence

Assertiveness, Self-Esteem and Self-worth

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What is Walk and Talk therapy?

Walk and talk therapy is like traditional psychotherapy, only instead of being delivered inside a traditional therapy room, you engage in therapy with your therapist while walking and taking in the beauty of nature on display at Laurel Bank Park. 

Walk and talk therapy may not be appropriate in all circumstances, and of course is weather dependent. If you feel walk and talk therapy would be a better fit for you over traditional in-rooms or telehealth therapy, please discuss this preference with your psychologist at your appointment. 

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