Motivation experiment days 22 & 23

Tree growing on a rock in a lake

Motivation experiment day 22 – drawn 12/05/2014

Time has gotten the better of me lately, and I haven’t followed up on writing about the progression of my motivation experiment since day 21. So here I am picking it up again.

On day 22 the idea for what I wanted to draw formed during the day. I was looking at a particular photo I have of a tree by a lake, and thought I would like to try to draw a tree by a lake, growing over a rock with the roots exposed over the surface of the rock.

Come day 23 I was out of ideas again, so fell back to an old standard exercise in shading I remember from art class in early high school:

Drawing of a green apple

Motivation experiment day 23 – drawn 13/05/2014

At this stage I was starting to feel like making myself do at least a simple drawing each days was forcing me to discover ideas that I would never have otherwise tried. And I was liking the results just often enough to keep me motivated to try something again the next day … and some days even looking forward with anticipation to the time I would spend drawing. Intrinsic motivation was starting to really set in.

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