Motivation experiment days 3 & 4

Sitting down to draw on day three of my motivation experiment I couldn’t think of anything at all to draw. So I scribbled a few lines and shapes and played with smearing them:

Brown stripes and shapes

Motivation experiment day 3 – drawn 23/4/2014

I really don’t like this drawing at all. But forcing myself to draw something led me to experimenting with a technique that I later used in a drawing I did like.

Come day four I found myself again feeling completely uninspired. So I scribbled a few lines. Those lines made me think of a bat, so I developed them into one:

Bat against a night sky

Motivation experiment day 4 – drawn 24/04/2014

Four days into my experiment I had done the first drawing that I really liked something about. It was really not much more than a rough scribble … but I liked how it looked. That made me look forward to possibly drawing something else unexpected that I liked in the future: the beginnings of intrinsic motivation to continue drawing.

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Dr Paul McQueen is a Clinical Psychologist, holding a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Melbourne. He has experience working in both adult and child mental health services in Queensland and Victoria. Dr McQueen is comitted to providing high quality, evidence-based interventions for a range of mental health conditions. He specialises in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression.

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