Motivation experiment days 5 & 6

Come day five of my experiment in committing myself to draw a picture every day there was still no real inspiration for what to draw. I vaguely remembered seeing a “how to draw” video with my children and tried to replicate the steps as far as I remembered them to draw this face:

Cartoon face with beard and hat

Motivation experiment day 5 – drawn 25/04/2014

I’m not a real fan of it, but I was happy to be pushing myself to try new things.

Day six and once again I couldn’t think of ideas. I started with another drawing using abstract lines and shapes. Then I scribbled some wings around it, which made me think to draw a weird-looking bird. With an egg.

Abstract bird with an egg

Motivation experiment day 6 – drawn 26/04/2014

Again, I don’t really like this drawing. But I was doing something new and different, and I liked that because if I hadn’t pushed myself to draw daily then on the rare occasions I drew I would be likely to just be drawing the same style over and over again.

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