Motivation experiment – days 9-12

Come day nine of my experiment in daily drawing I was now beginning to really enjoy drawing each day. On this occasion I started by scribbling a few lines and this quickly sparked the idea to draw an owl, which quickly developed into the below drawing:

Owl on a branch at night

Motivation experiment day 9 – drawn 29/04/2014

I took a similar approach on day 10 – not thinking for long at all about what to draw, just starting with doodling lines that I then developed into this angry face. Seeing that I could quite quickly go from no idea to a fairly simple drawing that had something about it I liked increased my interest in drawing even further.

Close up of angry man's eyes

Motivation experiment day 10 – drawn 30/04/2014

On day 11 I had a general concept in mind before I sat down to draw – I wanted to develop something with a sense of space and distance, so drew this canyon with a tiny figure in the distance:

Man standing at the opening of a canyon

Motivation experiment day 11 – drawn 1/05/2014

On day 12 I felt inspired before starting to draw something like the owl from day nine. I quickly settled on the thought of drawing a whale, but couldn’t bring to mind what a whale actually looks like So I did a google search for a picture of a whale, and found this at

… which I traced and developed into this:

Blue whale blowing bubbles under water

Motivation experiment day 12 – drawn 2/05/2014

Tracing sort of felt like cheating … but I learned a lot by drawing that way and quite liked the result.

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