Current fees are listed below for the following services provided at Thrive Wellness:

Fees may be paid on the day of your appointment by cash, credit card, EFT. Payment by bank transfer is also availalbe, however payable in advance of your appointment – please discuss with us.

Private Health Fund claims

All of our practitioners are registered with Private Health Funds.

If you have extras cover for Clinical Psychology, Psychology or Exercise Physiology or Nutrition services, we will provide you an invoice receipt to submit to your Health Fund for reimbursement.

In person, Telehealth & Telephone delivery

In person consulttations are provided at our Toowoomba location.

Private patients may also choose Telehealth or Telephone consultations for Psychology, Nutrition or Exercise Physiology services, but will need to check with their health fund for individual eligibility to claim Telehealth or Telephone items. Most funds have agreed to cover psychology teleconsultations from 30th March up to 30th September 2020 (during the COVID-19 outbreak), providing new clients receive a letter from their GP recommending psychology services.

Telehealth and telephone consultations are also available to NDIS, Medicare, DVA, Defence and Workcover clients, where individual eligibility criteria is met. Please contact us to discuss.

Links to information on eligibity criteria for:

Medicare rebates

A valid GP referral (such as a GP Mental Health Care Plan referral) and presentation of your Medicare card at your appointment, is required in order to claim a Medicare rebate on Psychology appointments.

For Medicare rebates on in-person exercise physiology appointments, presentation of your Medicare card, in addition to a GP Chronic Disease Management referral (formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care plan) is required.

Your Medicare rebate is processed at your appointment. Funds will go into the savings or cheque account you have nominated with Medicare, usually within 1 business day of your apointment.

Medicare Rural & Remote Telehealth eligibility

Rural & Remote access Telehealth eligibility requires client therapy be delivered via video technology (such as Skype) where the following conditions apply:

  • the client has a valid GP Mental Health Care Plan referral
  • the person receiving the service is living in a region in Australia classified as rural, remote or very remote on this map). To search, select 2019 Modified Monash Model, enter your address and click ‘search’. To be eligible, your living address needs to be classified as MMM 4, 5, 6 or 7) ;
  • the psychologist providing the service must be at least 15km from the recipient of the service.

Some of the eligible areas surrounding Toowoomba include: Gatton, Laidley, Esk, Crows Nest, Nobby, Clifton, Warrick, Pittswoth, Milmmeran, Goondiwindi, Jondaryan, Dalby, Chinchilla, Kingaroy.

If you require the reduced low-income fee to access treatment, please contact us via phone or email to arrange before making a booking, as online bookings will attract the full fee if a fee adjustment has not been discussed in advance.

Low-Income Concession Clients

At Thrive Wellness we believe mental health treatment should be accessible to everybody. We are therefore offering Psychology services to individuals facing financial hardship, who have a valid Medicare referral, a lower fee. This lower fee is equivalent to a $20 out-of-pocket patient cost, once their Medicare rebate is recieved.

To access this concession rate, clients need to phone and discuss their need when booking an appointment. Clients may be placed on a waiting list until a concession appointment becomes avaialble, and will need to present their low-income health care card at appointments to be eligible for this discounted fee.

COVID-19 Bulk-Billing


In partnership with Medicare, Thrive Wellness is providing bulk-billed Psychology Telehealth or Telephone appointments to eligible Vulnerable / Isolated patients where they have a valid GP referral and at least of the following applies:

(a) the person has been diagnosed with COVID-19 virus but is not a patient of a hospital; or
(b) the person has been required to isolate themselves in quarantine in accordance with home isolation guidance issued by Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC); or
(c) the person meets the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected COVID-19 infection; or
(d) the person is considered more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus being a person who is:

  • at least 70 years old; or
  • at least 50 years old and is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; or
  • is pregnant; or
  • is a parent of a child under 12 months; or
  • is already under treatment for chronic health conditions or is immune compromised.

Department of Veteran Affairs

DVA clients are subject to the same COVID-19 bulk-billing eligibility requirements above, however Psychology service delivery is only availailbe through Telehealth.

DVA, Workcover, NDIS

ThriveWellness is an approved NDIS Provider and all our practitioners are registered providers for Workcover and DVA.

Department of Veteran Affairs Silver or Gold card holders are able to access Psychology and Exercise Physiology services with a valid GP referral.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology services usually involve an out-of-pocket gap, as outlined in the table below. A concession rate is available, for Clinical Psychology and Psychology services, to access treatment with minimal out-of-pocket expense.

Individual services

Rates effective from 1 July 2019

ServiceFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
Therapy consultation (50 minutes)$200.00$126.50$73.50
Telehealth Remote consultation (50 minutes)$200.00$126.50*conditions apply$73.50
Therapy consultation (low income*conditions apply)$146.50$126.50$20.00
COVID-19 Telehealth or Telephone consultation (50min) Bulk BilledN/A$0.00
Clinical supervision (60 minutes)$160.00N/A$160.00


Psychology services usually involve an out-of-pocket gap, as outlined in the table below. A concession rate is available, for Psychology services, to access treatment with minimal out-of-pocket expense.

Individual services

Rates effective from 1 July 2019

ServiceFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
Therapy consultation (50 minutes)Craig Mattocks

$86.15Craig Mattocks

Michelle Nolan
Remote Telehealth consultation (50 minutes)as above$86.15*conditions applyas above
Therapy consultation (low income*conditions apply)$106.15$86.15$20.00
COVID-19 Telehealth or Telephone consultation (50min)Bulk-billedN/A$0.00

General Nutrition Consultations

A 20 minute Introductory Nutrition consultation can be provided on request for $60. Services are offered via Telehealth or Telephone to clients within Austrlia and overseas. This consultation invites discussion of your history, health concerns and treatment goals from which further services, treatment plan or referral may be recommended. It provides opportunity for clients to ask questions and explore whether they’d like to pursue Functional testing and/or Clinical Nutrition interventions to improve their health. Clients may be eligible to claim some of the costs back through their Private Health Insurance – please contact your Health Fund to discuss.

Clinical Nutrition

Services are offered via Telehealth and Telephone.

For clients with a long-standing, multi-symptom history, a 50 minute initial appointment allows time for a comprehensive history and assessment, followed by personalised education and discussion of your recommended treatment plan. We can provide you with a private referral for any pathology tests we recommend, or we can liaise with your Treating Doctor who can assess your eligibility for referral for testing through Medicare.

More information about our Clinical Nutrition consultations, and some of the tests we may recommend can be found under Services.

Individual services

ServiceFeePHF Rebate*Out-of-pocket
Introductory Nutrition consultation (20 minutes)

see General Nutrition Consultations for more info

$60.00Nutrition servicescontact your fund
Initial consultation (50 minutes)
where required, correspondence with GP and/or referrals for testing will be provided (cost of tests not included)
$180.00Nutrition servicescontact your fund
Follow-up consultation (50 minutes)
$120.00Nutrition servicescontact your fund
Short Review consultation (20 minutes)
$60.00Nutrition servicescontact your fund

*Your Private Health Fund extras plan may cover you for Nutrition consultations over Telehealth. Please contact your Private Health Fund to find out what your benefit would be.

Exercise Physiology

Please wear loose clothing that you are comfortable moving in to your exercise physiology appointments. Your initial appointment will include a comprehensive assessment that will enable us to prescribe an exercise plan that matches your unique requirements. Your health, movement and injury history will be discussed, as well as your program goals and expectations. You will be provided with your exercise program and any additional recommendations at your follow up appointment. Thereafter, Review consultations are recommended to progress your program, troubleshoot obstacles, and keep you on track to achieving your treatment goals.

Individual services

Rates effective from 1 July 2019

ServiceFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
Initial consultation (60 minutes)
includes summary report, where required
Out-of-rooms consultation / Home visit (45 minutes)
includes summary report, where required
Review consultation (20 minutes)$70.0059.20$10.80
Extended Review Consultation (45 minutes)$110.0053.80$56.20

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