Thrive Wellness is a private psychology practice.

Fees apply which are payable by credit or debit card at the time of your appointment. If you have a GP Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) referral, Medicare will provide you a partial rebate for your appointment, reducing your out-of-pocket cost but not covering it entirely.

If you have a Workcover Qld, NDIS, DVA, BUPA-ADF funding/referral, with your permission, we can invoice your funder directly for payment. Your funder will cover the full cost of your appointment.

Private Health Fund claims

If you have extras cover we can provide you an invoice receipt to submit to your Health Fund for claiming.

We recommend checking with your health fund before your appointment to find out if and how much of the appointment cost will be reimbursed. Be sure to ask specifically about the amount you can claim for Clinical Psychology vs General Psychology appointments, whether your fund covers you for in-rooms and telehealth appointments, and whether a referral from your GP is required.

Medicare rebates

If your GP has given you a valid Mental Health Care Plan referral, Medicare will subsidise the cost of your appointment, however they won’t cover the full amount. You will need to pay the full cost on the day of your appointment. After payment is received, we can lodge a request to Medicare asking them to process your rebate. Medicare rebates directly to your bank account, usually within 24 hours.

If you exceed your 2023 Medicare Safety Net threshold for out-of-hospital medical services, your Medicare rebate will increase and your out-of-pocket costs for psychology services will reduce to less than $20 per session. To learn about your Extended Medicare Safety Net, you can log into your mygov account, or contact Medicare.

NDIS, DVA, Workcover, ADF Health appointments

ThriveWellness is an approved NDIS Provider for Psychology services. We can provide services to NDIS participants, regardless of how their funds are managed. If your funds are plan-managed or NDIA-managed, we can send your invoice to your plan manager/NDIA for payment. If you are self-managing your funds, you will need to pay for your appointment yourself.

Our psychologists also provide services to patients funded by Workcover Qld or DVA. DVA clients are required to see their GP for referral in order to receive bulkbilled appointments.

Dr Paul McQueen is also registered to provide services to BUPA ADF clients. Invoices are sent directly to BUPA.

Clinical Psychology

Individual services – new referrals

ServiceFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
Therapy consultation (50 minutes)$220 – $230.00$137.05$82.95 – 92.95
Therapy consultation (concession)**conditions apply)$177.05$137.05$40.00
Consultation (Workcover, NDIS, DVA, ADF)Billed to funder^N/AN/A
Clinical supervision (60 minutes)$210.00N/A$210.00
**Limited concession spots are available with Michelle Nolan for clients experiencing financial hardship. Please discuss with us at time of booking to check availability. Concession appointments are not available with Dr McQueen.


Individual services – new referrals

ServiceFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
Therapy consultation (50 minutes)$170$93.35$76.65
Therapy consultation (concession)**conditions apply) $133.35$93.35$40.00
Consultation (Workcover, NDIS, DVA) Billed to funder^N/AN/A
**Limited concession spots are available for clients experiencing financial hardship. Please discuss with us at time of booking to check availability.

Psychology Assistant

Individual services

ServiceFeeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket
50 minute consultation$90.00N/A$90.00
Observation, Therapy or other Intervention (NDIS)Billed to funder^N/AN/A

Report Writing

Report writing will be billed at APS recommended rate and based on preparation time.^

If you would like us to write a report, your request should be made as early as possible. If we agree to write a report, expect a wait time of 6-8 weeks before your report will be ready. Please note that not all requests for reports are accepted, and your psychologist may decline your request.

The below table provides a guideline estimate of cost based on report length. Please note some client presentations and considerations are complex and may result in lengthy preparation time despite a shorter report length. In all cases, billings are based on time it takes to prepare report. For private and self-funded report requests, and initial deposit is required. Upon completion of your report, a final invoice will be issued and is payable in full prior to report being released.

ServiceFee (GST inc)Medicare rebateOut-of-pocket
(eg. 1 page brief supplementary report)
(eg. 1-2 page short report)
(eg. 2-3 page short report)
(eg. 3-4 page standard report)
(eg. 4-5 page standard report)
(eg. 5-6 page extended report)
>120min$619.30 base fee + $100 for every half hour over 120minN/Afull cost

^Consultations, case conferencing and report writing for Workcover, ADF & DVA clients will be billed directly to Workcover/DVA/BUPA, per their approved fee schedule and payable within 14 days. Consultation and report fees for NDIS participants are at NDIS approved rate with payment required from either Plan Managers, NDIA or participant according to participants individual Service Agreements with Thrive Wellness.

Clinical file review and records release for subpoena

ServiceFee (GST inc)Medicare rebateOut-of-pocket
file size of up to 50 pages$172.70N/A$172.70
for files over 50 pages, cost per additional page$0.33N/A$0.33

Late cancellation/non-attendance fee

Long-notice cancellations (more than 48 hours before your appointment)

When you know weeks ahead of an appointment that you won’t be able to attend, please tell us so we can make that appointment available to someone else. Because you’re communicating the change a long time before your appointment, you may tell us by phone, email or in person. No cancellation fee applies.

Short-Notice cancellations (less than 48 hours before your appointment)

Appointment reminders are sent via SMS to your nominated mobile phone 48 hours before your appointment. This means your practitioner is expecting to see you soon and may have start preparing for your appointment. Once you’ve recieved an SMS reminder from us, the only way to reschedule, cancel, or communicate other short-notice information to us is to send an SMS reply to this reminder.

If cancelling, it is important you SMS your reply at least 24 hours before your appointment otherwise a late cancellation/non-attendance fee will apply. Don’t send short-notice information to us via phone or email (your practitioner won’t see it in time) and a late cancellation fee will still apply.

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